Why I do it this way

How many amazing pictures do you have sitting on your iPhone?  How many amazing pictures do you have of your family on your walls?  Exactly.

I grew up looking through family photo albums, developing my own photographs in the lab - I had my hands on my art and it just felt, different.  I think to myself, "this is what a photo is meant to be - physical - something I can touch and cherish".  I want these photos to be something you grab while your house is on fire.  I want these photos to be the thing that makes you smile when you get home from work.  

How much it costs

If you're ready to check out the details, click here to chat

How it all works

Once you contact me, I'll send you some questions so I can learn about you, perhaps your family or your significant other.

I take your answers and propose a perfect location (or two) that we can choose from and a date. I don't force a location on you, we decide together.  I've shot in 30+ locations in San Diego and will propose what's best based on your personalities, the time of year and the overall goal of the shoot (albums, prints, etc.)

We'll talk about lighting based on the time of year, best clothing colors and patterns to wear, how to look your best in photos and how to be YOU.

At your shoot, we'll spend time creating photos that show your interactions to each other.  We'll chat a bit, have some fun and laugh it up.  You'll commonly hear my say, "over there!", or, "oh, man, this lighting is insane!".  I'm a complete nerd for natural light at golden hour.

It's a fun, painless process where we help each other create art through my eyes.  

Within a couple of weeks, I'll spend a lot of time editing each and every photo.  If it works for you, we'll set up an in-person delivery where I'll show you the photos, maybe we'll have a beer and you can decide which photos you want for that empty wall or a new frame above the couch. If you prefer, you can go the digital image route and choose your prints later.

Let me know, below, what you are looking for and I'll follow up with you!

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