Sold my Canon Gear

This past weekend, I sold most of my Canon gear and will be transitioning this year to 100% Fujifilm.  The only technical reason for the switch is the low light capabilities of my 5D Mark ii were outdated and there’s way better camera sensors on the market now.  My photography has gotten a little darker as well, and I need a camera that will help me capture that.

Emotionally, the Canon gear had become more of a crutch than a motivator to shoot - the weight, the bad auto-focus, the price tag of new Canon equipment.  The brand of Canon is phenomenal but it’s never been an amazing relationship between their cameras and myself.  I would relate it to driving a Toyota sedan - safe, predictable, not the cheapest - but never going to amaze you or inspire you.

Also, I need a spark in my work, something to fuel the fire while at the same time allowing me to shoot the way I want and edit the way I want.  Fuji is doing this for me and giving me confidence to create what I truly want to create.  Their cameras allows me to chase good light, expose for that good light and create a satisfying image while removing all of the barriers that Canon put in front of me.

The image is of my wife, Leigha, shot on a Fujiflim X-T10, edited in Lightroom.  This was a SOOC jpeg with the classic chrome in-camera profile and then I tweaked with the tone curve and the RBG color curves in Lightroom.  To me, these are the types of images that make me proud and inspire me to keep going, keep creating.  

Location was Bernardo Mountain/Lake Hodges in Escondido.

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