Europe, Part 1 - Annecy, France

There are a few things that speak to me, mainly, they are moments.  Movies.  One of my favorite cinematic displays is the movie, Drive.  I can’t say that I love the actual movie because I’m a wuss when it comes to gore and violence. The second - Music.  Give me a warm evening at dusk while blasting a progressive song that builds throughout and I’m content.  Pictures are the last.  I guess these could all be summed up into a overarching category of “art”, so maybe this entire paragraph was pointless.  

Getting on with it here…we spent some time in France a few weeks back and wanted to share a few of the scenes because they are something I’m proud of and excited about. They aren’t perfect in the technical sense, they aren’t even the most interesting photographs I’ve taken but they speak to me.  They speak of freedom, storms and companionship. 

All shot with my Fujifilm XT10 and 35mm f/2.

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