Lake Hodges Couples Session

A few years back I shot their wedding at the Villa Ranch House San Pasqual in Escondido and we’ve remained friends ever since then. I feel lucky to have met them and to be their wedding photographer in San Diego.

Fast forward - Christophe and Heather have a flourishing wedding planning business, Willmus Weddings, where they use their talents to calm brides, plan amazingly precise timelines and offer other services like, videography.
They’ve been clients. We’ve worked together at weddings. We’ve become friends. I’m amazed at Heather’s professionalism and Christophe’s ability to hustle and go above and beyond for their clients. 

We found this spot when Christophe and I were flying his drone and noticed the light was E-P-I-C so we had to plan a shoot. The way the sun set between two hills allowed for some serious backlit magic and then once the sun went behind the hills, the light was so soft and moody.  Check this couple out.

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